Munee’s Style Tips

 Show Skin Strategically

Don’t bare it all and don’t cover it up fully, either. Choose one body part and show it off.

Show Skin Strategically
Take a look at the crop top, it shows off the neckline and shoulders for that feminine look. It’s paired with high waist jeans. It just shows you can keep your legs covered and still look sexy showing some skin with the top you chose.

Even though it’s summer you can still pull off wearing long sleeves. This blazer is paired with a short sleeve t-shirt and shorts. With this look you choose to show off those long legs you have.

The dress has a deep v cut showing off some cleavage, but not too much. The arms are covered up with this dress. Looking sexy involves what to bare and what to keep under wraps. In this case, the arms are lightly covered, because of the lace material. But you’ll be sure to turn heads with this look.


Accessorize with Brights

Be bold and wear some color. You may want to add an accent color to your outfit to make it pop!


If you find yourself always wearing neutrals like navy, black, camel or gray add some energy to your look by adding bold colored shoes and bags. Start with a neutral base. In this case the neutral is black with this top. Instead of adding two different colors, I decided to keep it monochromatic and go with the one color, for my choice of color.

I was so eager to wear these tropical green heeled sandals. And by luck, I have purse that is the same color. A perfect combo with shoes and bag on a darker color can do wonders to your outfit. They both brighten up this outfit and makes it look elegant and classic.

Playing with bright colors adds an extra touch to your overall look to make your neutral outfit more interesting.