My New Business

I am so happy to share with you guys what I have been working on lately! I have partnered with the company Monat and launched my new beauty consulting business with them! That’s right!! I have made it my mission to inspire and empower women to create a positive lifestyle for themselves. For me, creating the best version of myself includes a lot of things, check out my previous post “JOURNEY TO MY “MUNEE MINDSET” and find out. With this business I can create a beautiful and healthy life using their natural based products for haircare, skincare, and wellness.

Monat offers natural based and vegan products. I have been using their hair products and skincare and I love them so much. So let me explain how my business works.


As a customer you can purchase any of the products at retail price. Check out my site by clicking here. We have products for all hair types. Hair products that help with frizz, hydration, damaged hair, oily scalp and so many others. All you have to do is ask for my hair quiz. With the answers you provide, I will be able to share what products we have that will work well with what ever hair struggles you have. You can also take the quiz directly on my site.


As my VIP you are qualifying for so many benefits. Not only will you bemy personal customer, but you will also receive

  • a lifetime of 15-40% off all products
  • free shipping
  • 2 free products with every flexship order
  • Birthday $$ to spend on whatever you like
  • and so many more exclusive deals and sales.

When you become my VIP you will be the first to know about any new products that we’re dropping. As my VIP you will be invited to my personal events and receive so many special perks from me.


This third option is my favorite, if you want to join in on all the fun you can join my team. This means you will work under me promoting and selling products as a Market Partner. Before you skip this section. Let me ask you something. Are you looking for an extra income? Or more freedom to do with your time? If you answered yes! Then this is the perfect business for you. Joining my team will not only provide you with extra time and freedom to do what you love, it will provide financial freedom with the awesome compensation plans we have, wonderful trip incentives, and my favorite thing; a wonderful community of like-minded women who push each other and help each other grow. If that doesn’t sound like a dream job, don’t know what is.

Each of these options will help me build the empire I want to empower and inspire women, not only with fashion but beauty as well. If you’re open to the business or want to check out any of the products, please email me, DM on Instagram, or reply to this post.

Stay tuned I will have an official launch of my beauty business coming soon and my blog community will be the first to know! Happy hump day, and I’ll talk to you next week!!

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