About Munee

Hello ladies and welcome to my blog. I started this blog in 2017 as an outlet to begin my new journey in life. I was always interested with fashion and as a child I loved to create magazines and write books all the time. At this point in my life I was involved in a physical and emotional abusive relationship. I let myself go. I was lost. I lost myself. I tried to cover the feelings I felt about my self with working, there was a time I had 3 jobs. But it was taking time away from my sons. And I hated that. I later found out I was burning myself out, emotionally and physically. 

And one day I decided to I would use my journaling and my love fashion to create a blog that can uplift and help build confidence in myself. Fashion is something that brought positivity back in my life. Once I realized this, I had to think about not only my sons, but myself as well, I began to feel like a new woman! I started this blog to empower women and help build that confidence that you may have lost or never had! I want women to be able to say, “Dang, she was right about these shoes and that top.” I want them to get that extra little push (Pep Talk) by reading my blog and to show them they can do it too! Let me just tell you, by adding confidence in your life as a woman is not only a beautiful attribute to have, but it’s also helps you become confident in the decisions you make in every day life. I hope you enjoy my blog filled with fashion, positive messages, new trends, and shopping guides.

 If you’re thinking, it’s too late for you, it’s not. Time is of the essence.  I’m going to help you build that confidence and self-worth you deserve. The name Making Munee pretty much speaks about who I am, and who I am becoming. Munee-is short for Muneerah, for those of you who didn’t know that. Making Munee is the transformation I am using for myself to step into this world of fashion. I am using this blog to bring myself the confidence I need to make my life to what and how I want it to be. So hopefully you’ll join my journey with “Making Munee!”

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