What 2020 has Taught me

I can’t believe it’s December already. This year has been somewhat challenging for a lot of us. When the year started I had so many goals and dreams for my blog and my brand, but little did I know I wasn’t mentally prepared for what I wanted. I know this sounds crazy, because how can you dream something and not be fully prepared for it at the same time. Let me share with you, how I had to prepare for all my blessings this year.

Create a Morning Routine

I’ve talked about this before in a previous post. But let me just tell you again how important it is to have a morning routine. I used to be a night owl, and hated to wake up. It was dreadful, I would push the snooze button so many times. By the time, I got up, I had about 30 min to shower and get dressed before I ran out of the house.

This lazy pattern was not getting me anywhere. I realized if I wanted to start taking my life seriously, I would have to wake up a little earlier and prepare my day. My wake up time is 5:30am now. I wake up I meditate, write down my affirmations, and then I complete a 30 min workout. Taking the time to really care and nurture my mind, body, and soul is the best decision I’ve been making this year. I will continue to stick with my morning routine while I conquer this journey to success.

Be Grateful

Gratitude is something I wasn’t taken seriously either. I went through a really tough time with trying to figure my life out. I read this quote that said, how can I be ready for great and special things in my life to come, if I wasn’t happy or grateful for what I already had. That touched me, I started a “Thankfullness Jar”, where everyday I added something I was grateful for, whether it was big or small. I continued this for a whole year, and when it was over I opened the jar and started to read. I was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. There were so many small things I took for granted, like a full tank of gas or a groceries in my refrigerator. Reading all those things I was grateful for, allowed me to view life in a different perspective. Now I write at least 5 things I am grateful for everyday. It teaches me to appreciate the small things in life and prepares me for the bigger things that are coming as well.

Celebrate your Small Wins

Setting goals and hitting them makes you feel so good!! I want to ask you, are you guys celebrating them as soon as they’re accomplished? Well if you aren’t, you should start now! If you set a goal to read one book a month, and as soon as the month is over the book is read and finished. You need to celebrate that win!! However you need to celebrate it, do a happy dance, have a glass of wine, scream to the top of your lungs. I don’t care how you do it, just make sure you celebrate. It makes us feel good and therefore give us expectations to achieve long-term goals as well.

Create a Positive Mindset

Some of us don’t realize that a lot of our thoughts are negative. We must teach ourselves how to think positive. Positive thinking helps to reduce stress and can also improve your health. Before 2020, I was a complainer, and nagged about a lot of things wrong with my life. I blamed myself a lot for all the downfalls I had up until this year. I started to practice overcoming negative self-talk. I started saying daily affirmation to help change the way I think about myself. Now people tend to think positive thinking, is always being happy. That’s not how it works. Positive thinking just means that you approach the negativity in a more positive and productive way.

All of these things have tremendously helped me get through this year. Everyone is saying how bad of year this was. But for me, I had the opportunity to change my life for the better. My morning routine and practicing gratitude helps me to start my day with positivity and energy. Celebrating all my small wins, only gets me prepared for my big ones. And having a positive mindset has really helped me with some of the stress in my life. Now it’s your turn, what has 2020 taught you? What are you thankful for? What do you need to start doing to prepare your life for 2021?

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