3 Ways to Elevate Women’s Trouser Pants

Happy Hump Day ladies!! How’s your week going? I hope well. Let me tell you how I much I love styling items. I get so excited when I purchase a pair of pants or top, because I’m already thinking about how many times I can style it. I typically like to mix and match all the time. I like to dress up pants I wear to work for a sexy, chic look for a girls’ night out. Do you know how much money you save when you do this? Trust me, don’t think you are repeating items, thinking of it as elevating your wardrobe.

I purchased these women’s trousers from Burlington and let me tell you, they were a steal! They’re in between skinny pants and tapered pants. These high waisted trousers have a subtle print that is perfect for the office. I love that these trousers are equally comfortable and stylish. Let me show you how to elevate your women’s trouser pants in three ways!

Upgrade to Sophisticated Chic

We showing up and showing out at the office. Pair your trousers with a simple blouse that does not go past the waist line. If it does be sure to tuck it in for a chic look. These pants fit cute around the ankle so be sure your work shoes are on point. Nothing too fancy, some cute flats like these will do. Add a bold blazer, like this cropped one to elevate your trousers.

Dress them Up

When your girls call you to get cute and go out, grab these trousers and dress them up. Add a neutral lace colored bodysuit, and a fierce leather moto jacket and you’re ready for a night on the town with the girls. These super chic trousers are designed to show off your fabulous footwear so, pair them with a pump that matches your jacket or your top.

Effortless, Classic, and Cute

Again I love the style of these high waist trousers. They feature your waist and help you effortlessly achieve an hourglass shape. Go for a cropped top and allow a little peek of skin. Add a statement blazer like this one to elevate the look and don’t forget to accessorize. This look is perfect a networking event or just brunching with your girls.

I hope you received some inspiration on styling your women’s trouser pants. Next time you decide to wear them, ditch that plain white tee and elevate your style! Don’t worry you won’t regret it! Comment below and tell me if you liked these style options. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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