A Reminder: You are Amazing

We all a need a reminder that we are AMAZING. I know things may be tough, you may be feeling as if you’re being pulled in so many directions, and there’s not enough time to get things done. Just pause, and remind yourself just how amazing you are! I know I always have an agenda I work full time for an insurance company, I’m working on distance learning (which has been a struggle), continuing to build my brand by posting consistently and showing up for my audience. But in reality it can be tough.

In the past I have beat myself up about not meeting certain deadlines, or not being able to produce content because I was too busy handling other things. I have learned to stay positive throughout this journey. I know it may seem stressful at times, but I have to continue to show up to remind myself why I started and I can do this! I tell myself I am exactly in the right place of where I need to be. And then it comes back to me and I understand what I have to do to get where I want to be.

This simple statement to myself is one of the daily affirmations I repeat daily. Most of these affirmations are “I am” statements. I tell myself what I AM capable of, I tell myself I AM powerful. These daily affirmations focuses my mind on the positives rather than any negatives. If I’m feeling down or feeling stress, I remind myself of my daily affirmations and give myself the boost I need.

You too can do the same. I would like you to start by saying 5 daily affirmations to yourself. I suggest writing them in a journal or notebook, or you can type it. Once you have them, repeat them to yourself everyday. A good way to do it is in the mirror and first thing in the morning so you can start your day off with positive vibes. These statements should be positive thoughts you have about yourself. Tell yourself you are perfectly made or you are so talented. If you’re not sure where to start let me give you some examples.


Begin with these and as you start to build more confidence come up with your own. I started off with 5 myself, now I have 25! It helps me that much. Believe it or not these daily affirmations helps to reprogram my brain to think only of the positives for myself. So why don’t you try it. It may seem weird at first, but you’ll get used to it. Start saying them proudly to yourself and watch the transformation of your thoughts. Remember you are worthy and amazing! Have a great week.

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