3 Genius Ways to Style your Summer Dress for the Fall

Ladies we have officially entered a new season. I don’t know where you are in, but here in Ohio it started getting cold real fast. I mean this past week was in the 60s and low 70s. We can finally say goodbye to summer and welcome the next season. Hello Fall!!! This is by far my favorite season. I love the booties, and the long cardigans, and the sweatshirts, and I could go on and on. I couldn’t wait to shop for my Fall wardrobe. If you haven’t gone shopping for Fall yet, don’t you worry just yet. I am going to show you how you can add pieces and accessories to your summer dresses. With these little tips you’re sure to transition those spring and summer dresses for those Fall looks.

There’s no surprise that the trick is going to be layering with these dresses. You will have to combine those sleeveless and lightweight dresses with heavier pieces you will need for the Fall. Read further if you would like some inspiration to turn your favorite summer dresses into stylish Fall staples.

Downplay the Wind with a Long Trench Coat

This sleeveless dress was perfect for the summer. A lightweight dress perfect for sunny day. To transition to Fall, for the cooler climates pair the dress with a long trench coat.

Layer a turtleneck Underneath

This slip dress is normally worn with a basic t-shirt under. To elevate it for the new season, add a fitted turtleneck, booties, and a leather jacket to top it off.

Throw a Button-Down under your Dress

This denim mini dress was so cute this summer. I added a white button down and white mules for the Fall look. You can also opt for an additional layer by adding a long cardigan, duster, or long coat if it’s really chilly.

Layering will be a key styling technique this season. There are so many style options to choose from and I can’t wait to starting other summer pieces this Fall. What’s your favorite Fall statement item? How are you styling it this Fall?

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