Journey to my “Munee Mindset”

Over the past six months, I have been working on myself. I want to become more successful, achieve the goals I set for the year, and be an all around happier person, doing what I love. When I first started my blog it helped be build my confidence and pulled me out of the dark place I had created for myself. People don’t understand when you suffer from trauma, like abuse, you tend to lose the person you once were. Abuse affects your self-esteem, change in appetite, causes and creates more stress, among many other things. I left that relationship along with the abuse and that woman I once was, and I’m not looking back.

Now, I am taking the necessary steps towards creating a better version of myself. This journey has not been easy. I’ve had to shift my mindset, create daily habits, surround myself with like-minded people, and above all, learn to truly love myself. I learned that some of my identity was built on others’ expectations. I learned to recognize and let go of some of the limiting beliefs I had. I had to continue to push forward, not only for myself but for my sons as well.

First thing I had to do was embrace a can-do attitude. With a positive mindset, I know I am able to achieve what I want in life. During quarantine, I was able to develop a good understanding of the person I wanted to become. Check out my previous post “COVID equals Quarantine” , and learn how being quarantined helped me.

I am going to share some things I’ve been doing to create the best version of Munee.

Start from the beginning

I had to start from the beginning to truly find out who and how I wanted to become this better version of myself. I started to reflect on what I wanted in life. I learned to set small achievable goals to help build and maintain my confidence. Each time I took a step towards a goal and achieved it, it motivated me to keep pushing towards my ultimate goals. I celebrate even the smallest wins.

Embrace Failure

In the past I hated to fail. I always felt like I had to be perfect in everything I did, and boy was I wrong. I realized in order to become the best version of myself, I couldn’t play it safe. I had to step outside of my comfort zone and embrace the possibility of failing. I came to terms that everything cannot be perfect, so to allow myself to fail was a really big step for me. It helps build character and teaches you valuable lessons so you can learn and reflect on them and learn to grow with your life.

Create an Exercise Routine

Trust me when I say working out is great way to stay alert and energized throughout the day. Not only does it help you stay in shape it also creates a healthy routine and a good habit to have. I started working out in the morning (it works best with my schedule) and I became more focused and relaxed and ready to take on the day ahead.

Be Present and Show Up

When I began blogging I know I wanted to become more present, not only on social media, but my blog as well. I wanted to show women, this is something I started to help inspire and empower women to do what they want. I learned how to stay consistent with my blog and show up every week for you all. Be present is process to becoming an influencer. With everything else I have going on, it’s easy to quit. But I know I’m going to continue to show up and that gets me closer to my ultimate goal.

Help Others Become Better Versions of themselves

Paying it forward is a good way to look at this. When you begin to help others, it will help you stay motivated on your own journey. It will greatly benefit you to move forward on your journey. When you start to feel how you are an inspiration to someone else in a similar situation from where you started it uplifts your heart and you become grateful you took your journey.

These tips, I’ve shared has helped me create my “Munee Mindset”. You can also use them as a blueprint to creating the best version of yourself. Just remember if you’re not satisfied with the current version of yourself, then you should start working towards it today! There is no “right time” or “right way”. You choose your own journey. Sometimes people think about the best version of themselves is some intangible point in the future. You see yourself more successful, doing what you love, and happier, now the next step is to work to get there. I started my journey and I have not looked back. I am happy and proud of the woman I becoming.

Comment below and let me know what you’re doing to create the best version of yourself.

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