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Another Wednesday to celebrate! I’m super excited to share this business this week. It’s an online clothing company that offers a unique perspective on things. CEO’s mission is to inspire those who have an idea, dream, or passion and to create the life they want to by taking every opportunity. This clothing line offers casual apparel, from jackets and hoodies to a basic tee shirt you’re sure to look good in! The message this brand is giving flows right along with my own personal thoughts and mission statements.

Every now and again, I love to throw on a pair of tennis shoes and a hoodie to go hang out with my friends. This casual look would be perfect for bowling or going out to eat with my girls. A nice hoodie and jeans is a perfect combo for the Fall. I can’t wait until the season breaks, because CEO will be the brand I will be using to shop for those casual laid back looks. I had the pleasure of speaking with owner of the company Harold Booker. Check out what he had to share about himself and his company.

Tell us more about yourself and your business.

My name is Harold Stafford Booker II and I am a 26 year old entrepreneur and the owner of CEO: Cultivate Every Opportunity LLC. I love business, fashion, sports and real estate. I created this company as a way to inspire people to go outside of the box that society puts you in and create your own path and legacy through exhausting every option, taking advantage of every opportunity and not giving up until you are successful. 

What’s the most challenging part as an entrepreneur?

The most challenging part for me is staying focused on what I am doing with everything I have going on. I am heavily involved with the church that my family started last year, I am in the Ohio Army National Guard and own a second company outside of this. With all of that and more it is sometimes difficult to give this company the attention it needs.

What are some first impressions you received from your customers?

My customers and even some people who are not customers yet love the brand’s message as well as the quality of the clothing. It is clear to see on the products and the logo that is attractive to the eye.

What’s something unique about your online business?

The unique piece of my business is that we also have a section on the website that we will feature a CEO of a company on our website if they fill out our contact form. This will allow our customers to get a look into other companies as well and help to promote that companies business for free!

What can we expect from your business in the future?

You can expect for our company to continue to deliver high quality products to our customers as far as apparel and we are also going to expand into the shoe customization game coming in 2021. There is also going to be a podcast coming in the future called the CEO podcast that we are currently working out the details of. 

Everything about CEO gets me excited! Excited to shop, excited to style, and excited to be apart of an amazing company. Please visit and shop today. Let him know Munee sent you!

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