Pretty in Plastics

Making Munee’s Black Business Month Feature: Plastics Boutique

Are you looking for the hottest trends this summer? Well look no further! Plastics boutique is one of the hottest boutiques in Cleveland, OH. This online boutique will take you into the streets of Dollywood and bring the latest looks to your closet at an affordable price. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, I have several blog posts that features Plastics boutique. So it only makes sense to feature one of my personal favorites! I had the pleasure of speaking with the CEO Angel Adams.

Scroll down as we talked about why she started her business and what advice she has for others in her shoes.

Tell us about you and your business.

“I am a 24 year-old boy mom, living in the Cleveland area. I enjoy fashion and all the new trends that come out. I love seeing people get dressed and put their outfits together. One of the reasons I started Plastics Boutique was to gain financial freedom for myself. I chose a clothing boutique because I’ve always had an interest in fashion. Like I said I love seeing people dress and style themselves with all the hottest clothing that comes out. There are a lot of boutiques that sell clothing for certain body types (you know skinny, with model type bodies). I wanted to create a boutique where all body types can shop, feel comfortable and look cute. You can choose an outfit from my boutique that will have you looking good, even at a cook out.

I chose the name ‘Plastics’, because you know the movie Mean Girls; they dressed cute, but they were basically all the same size, like skinny and slim. Well my Plastics means the opposite, where you don’t have to be skinny or petite to feel cute in what you put on. My boutique offers cute clothing for any body type at an affordable price. You can get anything on the site to wear to the club or you can dress something up for a business meeting at work. It’s offers diversity.”

What’s the most challenging part as a business owner?

“The most challenging part for me is dealing with the customers. And when I say this, not everyone. But a lot of people who know me have a hard time separating business and personal. They don’t realize all purchases must go through the site. I don’t have a problem answering questions/inquiries via text or DM. But I want to make it clear to my family and friends, they have to place orders online. So I have a hard time expressing that to people without coming off as rude.”

How do you balance mom life/work life as an entrepreneur?

“This a good question. COVID has made it a little better for me because I get to work from home and I’m spending more time with my son. I have more time to help with homework and take him to swim lessons and things like that. I have to plan everything out. I cannot let my work life take over. There has to be separate times dedicated for each task. whether that’s working my job, on my business, or my responsibilities as a mom.”

What’s your favorite item you’re selling right now?

“I would have to say the Tease Me Jumpsuit or the Tennis Romper.”

What are some tips you would give someone looking to become a boutique owner?

“Patience is key. Don’t try to keep up with the Jonses. Don’t compare my chapter 30 to your Chapter 1. And stay consistent, it’s ok to not be perfect and make mistakes a long the way. Just learn from them. Prayer has also helped me.”

Yes! I’ve already said this, but Plastics Boutique is one of my favorite local boutiques that I shop at regularly. If you’re tying to find something comfy and cute join me in Dollywood at I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for next week’s feature.

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