Black is Light

Making Munee’s Black Business Month Feature: Black By JC Well

Did you know this month is National Black Business month? That’s right this is the month we should be supporting all black businesses around the country! Being a black business woman, in America can be hard at times , but support from other black men and women can make all the difference.

This week I will be featuring “Black by JC Well”, a fashion boutique located in Cleveland, OH. If you’re a person who wears all black, and shops for chic and girly pieces this is the boutique for you! Black by JC Well is about a black woman who turned her pain into black power. I spoke with the owner of the boutique to ask her some questions about her boutique and what she’s offering.

Tell us more about you and your business. 

“I am a 30 year old single and divorced mom of two. I own a clothing boutique for women. I’m in my second year of business. My boutique symbolizes the color black as light. I turned pain into black power. And typically I sell all black clothes. This summer I have been introducing small pops of color.”

What inspired you to start your business?

“I was inspired because I was unhappy with my marriage. I wanted another outlet and income so I can feel good about myself. I needed to find something that would make me happy. “

What sets you apart from other boutiques?

“I focus more on customer service and professionalism with my business. There’s a lack of professionalism with boutiques. I want to be able to show my customers good customer service and good experience with Black. If you purchase from other boutiques they don’t provide package slips, receipts, or tracking information. I want to provide a different experience when you purchase form Black. I provide thank you cards and confirmation emails. I just want to conduct my business better than ever. I believe branding is key!

Everyone associate’s the color black with negativity and darkness. I use black as light. I was able to see light in the dark. For me the color black doesn’t represent negativity. It represents passion and light”

What’s your favorite item you’re selling right now? 

“Our “Solid Tee” which I wear everyday!”

Tell us what we can expect from Black by JC Well in the future.

“You can expect more activity with my audience like, styling videos. I will be offering different types of clothing and exclusive pieces. I am going to provide more communication with my audience. I will be creating rapid video content and customer engagement. “

I am so pleased to feature this boutique. Not only is Jasmine inspiring, she’s also a strong black woman that all women can look up to. Please visit her boutique at Stay tuned for who will be featured next.

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