What to Wear for Date Night

Do you make time for date night? If you’re in a relationship, or have a significant other making time for with each other is essential. Especially when there’s a pandemic going on. It is essential to keep your relationship healthy and strong. Date nights now-a-days have been elevated to a “quarantine edition”. Some states around the country have closed restaurants and movie theaters again. But that’s not going to stop our shine!! There are alternative date options you can try like dinner in your backyard or you can set up a movie night in your backyard under the stars. You can get creative with your date nights.

When you have decided on what you’re going to do, the best part is find something to wear! To me that’s the easy part. The options are endless; you can either dress it down for a casual look, or dress it up to bring your sexy back. Putting make up on and dressing up in a cute outfit and heels will help you build confidence and help you look good for your man (or significant other). You want to look good enough so you have their hearts racing and give off them sexy vibes. You know what I’m talking about. The key is not to over think your outfit. You can use simple statement pieces that will have you looking sassy and flirty. Continue reading to get some inspiration for your special night.


How cute would it be to pack up lunch in a basket and take it to the park for a nice lunch. Or you can even bring all the picnic items right to your backyard and enjoy a nice lunch under the sun. Whichever you prefer. Just know this outfit is casual comfortable enough to sit in any position. This crop top and high waitsed pants combo is perfect for a casual look. The good thing about printed pants, they can be worn all year round. This style is casual and cute and throw on some strappy sandals for comfort.

Romantic Dinner

Trying to bring that sexy back into your relationship? A romantic dinner date is a perfect option. Whether you’re dining out at the fanciest restaurant or creatively having dinner in your backyard. You’re sure to keep your man’s eyes on your with this outfit. This blazer mini dress is a great for dinners. It’s doesn’t take a lot of effort with this piece. This perfect one-and-done piece is easy to style with a pair of booties and a mini belt/purse. This soft shade sets the mood for a sexy and serene kind of night.

Movie Night

I’m not too sure about movie theaters opening back up. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good movie with your man. Choose to set up a projector in your backyard like a “drive in” set up. Or create a romantic palette in your living room and enjoy the movie with popcorn and your favorite theater candy. This romper is perfect for some girly charm. It’s an effortless look that makes you inviting and alluring. I dressed this romper up by adding strappy heels. It doesn’t get an sexier than a pair of strappy heels; they’re a wardrobe must have! They make a sassy alternative than just your average pump.

I hope these styles inspire you to spice it up for next date night. Regardless if you’re at home or out on the town, just remember to look your best and enjoy the moment with your man. That’s what really matters. And watch he looks at you all night with that twinkle in his eye. Let me know in the comments if you can’t wait to spice it up for him on the next date night.

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