How to Style One top 5 Ways

Are you the type to only wear something once? Whether it’s a top, a pair of jeans, a dress, you should be finding multiple ways to style each piece. That’s how you will get the most out of your wardrobe. I usually buy items that I can style multiple ways. If you want to make your wardrobe last and still look stylish you’re going to have to get creative. Think of multiple ways to re-purpose that favorite top, so that it looks different from one day to the next. Just think that one piece of clothing can be worn over and over again while still looking different. I’m going to show you how you can style a top 5 different ways and make it look brand new!

Here are some creative ways I styled this button down top. I hope this inspires you to create looks from your own wardrobe. I promise you people won’t even realize it’s the same top!

Wear A Sweater Over It

Wearing a sweater over a top will not only make the outfit look different it will also cover up a good portion of it. This crew neck sweater is a perfect addition for this outfit. It only shows minimal portions of this top; the collar and the bottom of the top. You can decide whether to tuck it in or not, that’s a personal preference. This outfit is perfect for work attire.

Add Some Nylon and OTK Boots

The length of this top is great because you can wear it as a dress. You can also opt to wear leggings under it, but I think adding the nylons transforms the top into a cute “mini dress”. In addition to the nylons, I paired some olive green OTK boots to appear more sexy. The belt around the waist brings the look together, making it perfect for a date night with your boo thang.

Pair it with Leather

If leggings or nylons aren’t your thing, grab a stretchy pair of faux leather pants to add to your outfit. Leather pants are always going to be a statement piece that never goes out of style. For the ultimate in business chic, these split leather pants are a perfect match.

Or maybe even a leather skirt to show off those legs. This mini skirt screams “street fashion” . This leather skirt is stylish and so versatile. You can literally wear them all year round (depending on how you style them, but that’s another blog post). You could either pair this skirt and top with a blazer or cardigan. I opted for this trench coat, perfect for the spring and the fall.

Wear it as a Skirt

You heard me right! Yes wear the button down top as a skirt. I wasn’t playing when I said get creative. Transforming this top into a skirt is the perfect alternative to style it. You don’t have to wear tops the traditional way anymore. I added a sweater and leather jacket and threw on some black booties. This entire look is by far my favorite! It’s perfect for every fashionista that wants to stand out when they’re out with their girls. I’m positive they will be asking where you got it from. And watch their surprise when they find out it’s really a top!

All in all you want to make sure you’re maximizing your wardrobe. You need to re-purpose different pieces to create different outfits. It’s OK to wear that top two weeks in a row. The ultimate satisfaction is to know you spent your money on a statement piece that can be styled for so many different occasions and you can wear it multiple times. Check out my IG stories today, I created a try-on haul just for this top! Like, comment, and subscribe to my blog! Happy Hump Day!!!

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