12 Fun Facts about Me

So I have been blogging for a few years now, and I think it’s time to re-introduce myself and share more. I have opened up about my abuse and what led me to start blogging, but that’s the sad parts of my life. I want to share some fun and a little quirky things about myself. Hopefully it helps those who don’t know that much about me, to know me a little better. I take pride in blogging for you guys. So I hope you enjoy this post!

  1. My name is Muneerah, pronounced Mah-Nee-Rah and it’s Arabic. It means; Splendid, bright shine of light, illuminous.

2. I graduated from high school when I turned 17 years old with high honors.

3. My birthday is the last the day of the year. You know they saved the best for last.

4. I only have one brother, who is 14 years younger than me and he has autism.

5. I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was 10!I was a little old, but I was so scared, lol.

6. I was the only black girl in my class in the second, third, and fourth grade.

7. I learned how to play the violin at the age of 8. I performed in a Christmas orchestra when I was 9. By the time I turned 10, I was performing at my church.

8. I had a water birth with my second son.

9. I named my second son Deneero, because it’s money in Spanish. My nickname is Munee (pronounced money) so I thought the name fit perfect.

10. I have always been slim, but my cup size in bras is a double D.

11. I don’t like cheese. The weird thing is I will eat cheese pizza.

12. My favorite movie of all time is the Titanic. (I have been secretly crushing on Leonardo Dicaprio)

This was fun. I am usually a reserved person, so I’m thankful to be able to share these facts about me. Share in the comments one thing you want me to know about you!

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