Let’s Style a Dress for the Summer

Goodbye June, Hello July!! As we get into the summer season, we’re all trying to figure out what we will be wearing to cookouts, the pool, and the beach… Are you the kind of girl that loves dresses? I love them, but I used to hate them as a child. I was true tomboy at heart and also played with the boys, so dresses just weren’t “my thing” back then.

I love a dress that screams “summer”! Think about it, a one piece outfit that can be thrown on at the last minute. A simple item in your wardrobe, where you can add almost anything to it or not if you choose not to, and you still look good. Dresses will keep you cool in the summer, and super easy to style.

I purchased this green “Snapped basic dress” from Plastics Boutique and fell in love with it! This dress came in two colors, and the green one had my name written all over it! This casual dress is comfortable, light, and cute for even extreme weather. The piece is perfect for running errands with a cute pair of sandals or flip flops. This straw and white clutch is a perfect addition for a summer day. This light option will freshen up this look.

For a dressy look, I added these “Higher Up Booties” and laced up belt. I love these sandals for a few reasons; they fit comfortably and the straps show off my feet and adds edge to the look. These sandals can be paired with shorts, a bodysuit, or some cropped jeans.

Not in the mood to dress up? This sleeveless dress is a great option to dress down as well. This mid length dress goes great with tennis shoes. Tennis shoes can be the difference between a basic or banging outfit. Not only will you score major styling points but you will also be comfy in this casual look. This dress and tennis shoe combo is perfect for a day at the park or family picnic, the choice is yours.

I love sharing my styles with you! Dresses are so versatile and allows you to dress your style up or down for any occasion. If you’re needing any inspiration this summer, tune into my Instagram and keep up with my future posts!! Happy July and can’t wait to share my styles with you!

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