COVID equals Quarantine

How being Quarantine helped me

In March of this year, Ohio’s stay at home order was issued. I couldn’t believe it. They had closed down restaurants, children were out of school, movie theaters were closed, all because of COVID-19. The Governor wanted to ensure the safety of Ohio’s population so we were ordered to stay home. This meant “quarantine”. This is something that has never happened in the United States. I thought to myself how is it going to be if I don’t see my friends, my family, or even colleagues at work. This pandemic was going to introduce me to a new “norm” I haven’t had to deal with.

This situation was all new to me and I’m pretty sure the rest of the world as well. I’m learning to have a positive mind set about things. When I reflect on the past two months of being at home, I appreciate that time. I was able learn some new things, self-reflect, and understand my own personal discovery in life. Let me give you some background on life before the quarantine. My usual day would go something like this: My alarm would go off around 6am, and at this time I would get ready for work and make sure the boys had breakfast prepared before I headed out. My usual schedule at work was 8-5, but if we were on a deployment it would be 8-8. Sometimes these long hours at work would be boring and sometimes brutal. After work I would drive home, cook dinner, help the boys with homework and get them in bed before I went to sleep myself. For someone working a 9-5 regular job, it can be hard work, but when you throw in parenting and personal life, it can add a full day to your schedule sometimes leaving you exhausted and burned out.

On top of all this, I have a personal brand I’m working to build. I want to grow my brand so that I can start offering help for other women like myself, work with other brands, monetize my blog, and build other sources of income. When the chance to work from home was given to me, I couldn’t wait. I mean, I instantly thought this is going to work in my favor, and it did. Let me tell you how quarantine helped me.


Being quarantined allowed me to have the time to effectively work on my self. I regularly set goals, but being at home allowed me to set goals, make plans, and actually take action. I was able to really take the time and get the proper rest for myself. I was able to incorporate a small daily work out and stuck with it. I was able to meditate consistently. Journaling and writing down daily affirmations allowed me to visually see where I wanted to be in life. I shared some of my self-care tips on one of my blogs posts, Code Word: Self Care, if you want to check it out after reading this.

Daily Routine

I built a daily routine for myself. I consistently ate breakfast which helped build my appetite and continue my journey to gain my little weight. This routine also allowed me to wake up early enough to do the things I needed to do to start my day off right. Now that the boys are out of school, we don’t have to incorporate home-schooling throughout the week, but this something that was added to the routine. This routine allowed me to keep working on my positive mind set.

Quality Time

Of course the boys were home with me, and this was the best part for me. I was able to spend the whole day with them. Compared to me only seeing them in the morning and in the evening. I’ve always wanted a better way to work and still spend quality time with them. When we were ordered to stay home, I took advantage. I became a home-school teacher, chef, and confidant for the boys. I think they appreciated time with Mommy as well.

Gained Knowledge

I had time to join a supportive group created by Gwen Lane. This group helped me learn how to identify my target audience, redefine my brand, build my Instagram, and effectively plan my content. The group has been so helpful and inspirational. It has allowed me to learn more about myself, my brand, and get closer to my goals. I have gained so much knowledge to becoming an influencer, I am able to truly grow my following.

Creating Content

By joining this supportive group, I learned how to successfully plan my content in advance. It became so much easier to plan my content out a month in advance, that way I’m not playing catch up to post. I learned how to time block and use Google Calendar to successfully plan out my week to create the content. This helped me tremendously with my growth on Instagram and with my blog. Being quarantined, I had plenty of time to get these things to create the blog I want.

All in all quarantine has allowed me to look at the bigger picture. At first I wanted to complain that I wasn’t going anywhere, but now I have a whole new mindset and perspective on it. And plus, I was able to save so much money in the process. When I returned back to the office, I value what I learned during the quarantine. All of these things I am still trying to continue doing in my daily life. I am going to continue to live my life this way. It’s helping me to create a better version of myself. Comment below and share your experience with during the quarantine.

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