3 Stylish Ways to Wear Mom Jeans

Of course I’m a mom, and I was born in the late 80’s, but that is not the reason I love “mom jeans”. I love them because they’re cute and comfortable. Who doesn’t love a comfortable pair of jeans? Not just any jeans, the “mom jeans” have the spotlight in the denim department right now. This ongoing trend, was originally popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s. But like other pieces, the “mom jean” has come back and trending this Spring!

These jeans can be worn for almost any occasion. The high-waisted relaxed jean will have you feeling sexy, while being comfortable at the same time. I purchased these “No Rules Mom Jeans” from Fashion Nova. And I love them. They’re so cute and they have a little distressed detail. I love distressed jeans too. The great thing about mom jeans is I can wear them to the grocery store, to the mall, out for brunch, even on a date night with my man. Each specific look whether they’re dressed up or down can have you looking stylish this Spring.

While you’re searching for your favorite pair of “mom jeans”, here’s a little bit of inspiration and tips on how to style them.

Dress them Down

I paired these jeans with a cropped cardigan from “The Limited”. I added some white tennis shoes and a white purse, and topped it off with one of my favorite prints; a leopard cap. Great outfit for running errands or spending time with your children at the park.

Dress Them Casually

With this look I paired the “mom jeans” with a cropped, button down top and added some cute sandals. Add you a bucket bag for a go-to accessory with this style. You can wear this outfit to the beach, out for brunch with your girls, or on a shopping run. You can wear this style almost anywhere. It’s flirty and comfortable.

Dress Them Up

This style is my favorite. I love an opportunity to get dressed up and go out on a date night with my man. I paired a lace top and sexy strappy sandals with my “mom jeans”. Elevate the look with a statement accessory and blazer. This outfit is great for a night on the town, fancy restaurants, or even a home cooked dinner at home under the stars. This look just sets the mood for sexy”!

As you can see there a multiple ways you can style mom jeans. You don’t have to wear them plain with a t-shirt. This style denim is on the rise in fashion, and you want to be sure to grab you a pair.

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