5 Ways to Wear a White Button Down

I can remember the times where I had to wear a white button down for dress code in school. I was in high school so you know I wanted to stand out. I didn’t want to look like everyone else in my class or in the school. I would always add a vest or some colorful accessories so that I wouldn’t look like all the other girls in school. I always knew I had a unique style, different from anyone else’s, so even something as plain as a white button down, had to be jazzed up. White button downs are described as a simple-styled top. Even with their simple look, these tops never go out of fashion.

With this white button down you will always look fashionable, no matter what the occasion is. You can wear it casually, to a formal setting, or even to work. This top is versatile, so be sure to include one in your wardrobe this season. It gives you a clean neat look, and there are so many ways you can wear it. If you know how to wear it properly it can highly improve your appearance and have you looking stylish for any event. Knowing how to wear a button down is a perfect opportunity to style it up or down. Take a look at how I styled this white button down.

Layer It

This look is a clean that can be worn to work or any professional setting. You can layer the button-down with short sleeve blouse or crop top. This switches your plan button-down look to classy and chic.

Tie it Up

One of my favorite looks, is adding a simple method tying the loos ends of the button-down. You can pair this look with jeans or a skirt if you like. This gives a stylish look to the plain button-down. You can wear it to run some errands or add some more accessories and wear to brunch with your girls.

With Offbeat Details

Adding leather details uplifts this button-down from plain to fashionista! Adding leather leggings, a wrap-around belt, and studded platforms makes this classic-button down shine in a new fashion forward light. You can wear this out on the town or date night with your man.

Wearing it Loose

Wearing your button-down loose is a woman’s go-to for a nice casual look. And of course I added some booty shorts, a vibrant cardigan and nude thigh high boots to spruce it up a bit. This look is sure to turn heads and you will be talk of the event.

Dress it Up with Jeans

There is no better pair than a button-down and a pair of jeans. Together your outfit looks fresh and clean. Throw on some statement pieces like this fedora hat and higher up booties from “She’s Higher Up” to this classic button-down and jeans collab to attend a low-key lunch meeting or make a statement for Sunday Brunch.

When it comes to pushing the fashion envelope, think of your classic white button-down as your main piece. Use these styles as inspiration to create fun, stylish, and chic looks from your wardrobes. How are going to style your white button-down?

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