Take me to Wakanda

This is the first time I’ve created a specific look just for a movie. I had to tell myself step outside your comfort zone, and be bold. It’s always good to remind myself, ” I live for ME!” So honestly no one else really matters. Well no one’s opinions, especially when it comes to what I’m wearing. If you refer to my prev post “Birthday Blues” I mention embracing your style. I wanted to embrace not only my style but the culture that arose from this movie.

The movie “Black Panther” sets in the nation of Wakanda. If you didn’t know anything about Black Panther, let me tell you he’s a Marvel superhero. Now Wakanda is a fictional East African country which was created by Marvel. There are stories like these that lead you to believe some of the facts about Wakanda maybe true. There’s some truth to most fictional stories, you just have to find it.


For this look I decided to wear a DIY Afrocentric tube top. The weather was actually nice for this attire. I paired it with some high waist jeans from Fashion Nova. Y’all know that’s my spot! The orange velvet kimono is one of my favorites. I got it from a Forever 21, another one of my favs. I figured a bright color and this royal material will portray as if I’m really from Wakanda. I actually wrapped my hair with a head scarf. There are so many ways you can wear scarves. I thought wearing it this way would display more of an afrocentric look.


It’s not only the movie that has motivated this look, but just being an African American woman says it all. This look has definitely inspired me to embrace my culture and remain confident while doing it. As you all know I’m big on confidence. So I feel like I pulled it off well. Despite my outfit the movie was great. There’s always something you take from movies, whether it be the meaning behind it, the message or the fashion!! This was a great movie, and I’m hoping you find out for yourself and go see it. I’m ready to go to Wakanda!

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