Olive and Florals

With the new year being here, I know you’re all working on those new year’s resolutions. I am too! I am actually excited to see what 2018 has to bring. But you know I am continuing to work on my confidence. Let me just tell you… stop trying to feel confident.

Anyone can say they’re confident. But you have to be capable of thinking confidently. I can say it a million times to myself, but ultimately if I’m not thinking confidently I’m not showing any confidence. For me clothing affects my confidence. I love how a killer dress and shoe can help me feel like I’m going to dazzle a scene. And it’s funny because one of my co-workers just used the word “dazzling” to describe me. Imagine that.


Did you know there is a direct correlation between what we wear and what we think of ourselves? Yes there is! And if it’s confidence you seek, then why not dress the part? Using your style is one of the best ways to boost your confidence. You may want to learn how to dress for you body. For me I’m tall and slim, so I might as well show off these long legs I have. With this style I’m wearing these over the knee boots. These olive boots have a ribbed material and stop a couple of inches above my knee. These boots will be sure to elongate your figure no matter what body type you have.

Know what style of denim looks good on you. These skinny jeans I got from Fashion Nova. They’re high waisted and are form fitting. Also know what fabric or material is most flattering for your style. I paired these jeans with a floral velvet crop top. Velvet, over the knee boots, and skinny jeans are perfect for this winter season. I’ve paired these boots with another outfit from “Overall Confidence”, but as I stated before they’re so comfortable. There is a block heel (which I’m sure you know I love), and the heel is not too high. I’ve added a floral necklace from Forever 21. I also have rose gold bracelets and also the Double twist bangle from House of B Jewels. You’re going to have to check her out. She has the hottest new jewelry and this piece was perfect to add to this look. I’m stepping out to a graduation party, so this look is great for this event.


A secret for confidence is to simply be true to yourself and appreciate your own unique style. You don’t have to mirror someone else’s style or whats trending. Just know what you like. Find your signature style, so that you feel confident showing the world who you are!

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