Rose Gold Fears


Hey ladies! I’m back and better than ever!!! This year I have been dealing with so many obstacles in life with losing my job to starting this fashion blog, and then finally getting out of a toxic and abusive relationship. But in the end I feel great! I know some of you are thinking how can that be? Honestly, you never really know what people are really dealing with in their lives. And it has taken me a long time to admit I wasn’t fully where I wanted to be in life.

Of course I would love to have been married, have my home paid off, and on my way to law school right about now. Granted things didn’t work out that way. Looking back at the last five plus years of my life, there was a time I almost felt defeated. Then I started this blog and it helps me to maintain confidence with my everyday duties and obstacles I come across. I have to thank so many of you for taking the time to view my blog and provide tips and feedback that really allowed me to take some time to rethink the content I was putting out into the world.

I feel like I want to be an open book to tell all, and advise along the way to never lose who you are!!! Now of course, I’ve found myself, I mean the “Munee” that I lost somewhere years ago. Like I said I’m back and as we’re coming close to the end of 2017 I want to share the steps I began to take redefine my confidence and maintain it.rosegold1010pic

Now of course I use fashion. So today’s tip will begin with Acknowledging your fears. One of my bigger fears was to show off my body type. I’m currently working on my body and would like to add some weight to make me feel more comfortable with it. So I wore this rose gold sequined jumpsuit from Forever 21. It has a deep v-cut right down the middle and the full back out. I added an ivory cape, also from Forever21 and a jeweled necklace. This cape gave it a  formal look, cause I was actually headed to one of my good friends’ 30th birthday party. This outfit is great for parties, and at first I was skeptical about it because this was a forma event. But I put my fear aside and went to the party anyway. And I had a really nice time.


So just remember, Acknowledge those fears and then attempt to conquer them or take baby steps to overcoming that fear. Just know you’re almost there and on a wonderful path to becoming more and more confident!

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