Olive Oyl

Hey ladies, I couldn’t wait to wear these olive green dress sandals. The heel is high, but if you have been catching up on my blog posts, then you know security is one of the best things to have when it comes to high heel shoes. The high heels may be tall, but with the security, it literally feels like an extension of my foot. They give me so much comfort I can wear these heels anywhere.

If you live in Cleveland, then you know what kind of weather we’ve been dealing with. It’s June and the weather is 60 degrees I mean c’mon now! With that being said, I’m wearing this olive “Sexy Secretary Sweater” from Fashion Nova. I actually got this sweater in XS but I should have gotten small for the over-sized look. And let me tell you, this sweater is really comfortable. I wore the sweater off the shoulder to give myself a sexy look. And check it out the buttons are on the back! The jeans are comfortable as well. They look super tight, but the material is soft and they’re stretchy so they don’t feel that tight. I got these “Athena Double Wash Jeans” in olive as well. Now this is the first time I’ve bought jeans from Fashion Nova, but I have to say I’m surprised. If you go on their site, most of the girls are curvy and thick, I wasn’t expecting these jeans to fit like this. But I really love them. They have faint slits above the knee giving me that rustic look. I bought these sandals from Shoe Dazzle (I’m a loyal customer as you can see!) I believe they are called “Analy” dress sandals.


I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but all of these pieces are the color olive, hence my title “Olive Oyl”. Lol! But really I’m going for a monochromatic look, all one color but different shades. And I think I pulled this look off nicely! But comfort is the key today. All pieces in this look allows me to feel sexy, but comfortable as well. From the sweater down to the 4 inch heel sandals I can do anything today. But I think this is an outfit for another date night, so we’ll probably go to the movies and maybe hit the town for a lil fun.



I paired this look with a vintage olive blended Gucci bag. One of my favorite designers, when I can afford it of course.. It’s always good to have a vintage piece to add to any look. I love it because it’s leather and the handle is almost like a bamboo material. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. The jewelry I added to this look is a multicolored choker and a black and gold beaded bracelet.


Comfort and confidence go hand in hand. If you are comfortable with what you’re wearing than that confidence is building more and more for you. Let me tell you I can remember when I would wear high heels and my feet would be hurting so bad. I didn’t feel confident walking in them anymore. But this is the new and improved Munee, and these heels makes me feel so confident, it just keeps a smile on my face. I guarantee when you feel comfortable in your outfit, you will also feel confidence. And if you’re already a confident woman, then you will love it even more to be comfortable and look good at the same time. Trust me! Until next time ladies…

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